Protect Your Self Storage with the Right Lock

Types of Locks

Using the right kind of lock on your self storage unit is vital to the protection of your personal valuables. Choosing the right lock is a big decision that people often don’t pay enough attention to. The lock you choose for your unit is the most important decision you will make when packing your unit, so do your research and find the right hardware with the high-quality security you deserve.  (more…)

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Protect Your Musical Instrument in Storage

Musical Instrument Storage

As a musician, you want to give your instrument the best care possible. Instruments have both major financial and sentimental value, which is why you need to be mindful when choosing how to store them. Storing instruments in an attic or cellar is a bad idea, as dust, humidity, and pests can cause irreparable damage. When choosing a storage space, always opt for a climate controlled, secured environment like the units at AAA Self Storage of Lansing.  (more…)

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Steps to Storing Photographs

Protect family photos

Whether they are pictures of your great grandmother, first born child, or even your college dorm room, photographs are easily some of the most valuable items you own. They tell the story of not only our lives, but of the lives of the loved ones around us. There is nothing quite like flipping through a photo album of times gone by. But ask yourself, have you protected those pictures that you love so much for the years to come? (more…)

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