Select the parking space size that works best for your vehicle storage IN LANSING, KS.

352’ Area

11' x 32'

Outdoor Parking Space





495' Area

11' x 45'

Outdoor Parking Space


Large Boat

Large Trailer

Commercial Truck

200' + Area

10' x 20'+

Inside Parking Space





"My son and daughter needed to store their furniture during the summer away from college. Since the college gets most of my money, I needed an affordable place within my tight budget. AAA Mini Warehouse is the perfect place."

- William D.

"We sold our old house before our new house was ready. We needed a short term lease to store a whole lot of furniture. The month to month lease was great for our unique situation."

- Brian F.

"My father recently passed away and I just couldn't part with his belongings. I didn't know how long it would take for me to go through all his stuff so I needed a climate controlled unit that would protect all that was left of him. Not only did a climate control unit protect the furniture but it also provided me a comfortable environment to go through each and every box."

- Debbie A.

"Having access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allows me access to my belongings when it is most convenient for me."

- Mike R.

"The employees helped me decide what size unit I needed based on the stuff I had to store. They offered me great tips on how to pack the boxes as well as how to stack the stuff in the unit. There was no way I could have gotten it all in that small of a space without their help."

- Jean M.

"The property always looks pretty and well maintained from the street. The units are clean and secure. I feel safe when I am there."

- Linda W.

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