Protect Your Self Storage with the Right Lock

Types of Locks

Using the right kind of lock on your self storage unit is vital to the protection of your personal valuables. Choosing the right lock is a big decision that people often don’t pay enough attention to. The lock you choose for your unit is the most important decision you will make when packing your unit, so do your research and find the right hardware with the high-quality security you deserve. 

Locks come in a wide range of security and prices, including:

Keyless locks are a convenient, electronic choice when it comes to securing your unit. Accessed with a code or phone app instead of a key, these simple locks are a newer choice, but not necessarily the right one. Don’t let the high tech feel and appearance fool you as keyless locks are easy for thieves to break with a hack saw or bolt cutters, leaving your stored items vulnerable. Keyless locks are not an ideal option for securing your self storage unit.

Combination locks offer the same kind of conveniences as keyless, but are accessed by a set of numbers rather than keys. However, because of their easy to access bolts, they too can also be easily broken by a thief in a matter of seconds. If you do choose a combination lock for your unit, be sure to choose one with a single dial that has upwards of 64,000 different possible combinations.

A common type of lock for storage units, padlocks offer slightly better protection than keyless and combination options, but are still not ideal for self storage protection. Popularly used on outdoor equipment, padlocks are opened with a key, rather than a set of numbers. However, these locks can be rekeyed easily, leaving your items at risk. If you do choose a padlock for you unit, always be sure to keep a spare key in a safe place, and opt for a 5 pin version made of either brass or stainless steel.

Disc Locks
The best option for protecting your storage unit is to invest in a disc lock. Disc Locks are the industry standard, and are made specifically with self storage units in mind. Its closed shackles and hasp are unreachable by a thief, and thus cannot easily be compromised. The only way to remove these locks is by grinding it off, which takes a lot of time, making it a risky move for any thief.

When choosing a lock for your self storage unit, keep in mind that some insurance companies won’t cover your contents when certain types of locks are used. For example, many insurance companies do not cover combination locks because they offer low levels in protection and can be easily manipulated. On the other hand, some insurance companies will offer low or zero deductibles if you use a more secure lock, such as a disc lock.

If you live near Lansing, Leavenworth, Basehor, Kansas City, or another nearby Kansas community, AAA Self Storage of Lansing offers added security measures to keep your unit safe. With well lit grounds and an onsite resident manager, your unit will have added protection each day. Each tenant is given a unique security code to access the gate on the property, helping to keep your storage space safer.

When it comes to locks for your unit, there are many options for any need, size, and budget. Start your research today, and increase the protection of your self storage unit.