Protect Your Musical Instrument in Storage

Musical Instrument Storage

As a musician, you want to give your instrument the best care possible. Instruments have both major financial and sentimental value, which is why you need to be mindful when choosing how to store them. Storing instruments in an attic or cellar is a bad idea, as dust, humidity, and pests can cause irreparable damage. When choosing a storage space, always opt for a climate controlled, secured environment like the units at AAA Self Storage of Lansing. 

AAA Self Storage of Lansing knows that differing hot and cold temperatures can warp and crack your instrument over time, which is why our climate controlled units eliminate that element. Investing in a climate controlled storage space for your instrument will not only keep your valuable pieces in the same condition you originally stored them, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing your instruments are protected.

Once you’ve chosen a climate controlled storage unit at AAA Self Storage of Lansing, you will want to take a few other precautions before putting your instrument into long, or even short, term storage.

Be sure to disassemble all pieces of your instrument, including reeds, mouth pieces, etc., to prepare it for storage. Once taken apart, store all the pieces in hard cases to protect the instrument from all dust, or other physical damage that could occur. If you need tissue in your case, always use acid free. Store the hard cases strategically in a way that they will not fall down, and make sure they aren’t sitting directly on the concrete floor.

Keep in mind that you will need to loosen the strings on instruments like guitars or violins to release tension. You will also need to loosen the skins on your drums, and place tissues on the pads of woodwinds to help keep them from sticking or dust from entering it. If you are storing a piano, place it on castors off of the ground to ensure protection in the long run.

When the time comes to remove your instruments from storage, always take your time to inspect them, and give them a good cleaning. Also be sure to give your instrument a proper tuning after any amount of storage, to help it play in the same beautiful tone in which you first stored it.

If you live near Lansing, Tonganoxie, Leavenworth, or Weston, MO, AAA Self Storage of Lansing has the perfect climate controlled space available for your instruments. With state of the art technology and security, your instruments will be protected with great care, until you take them out to play again.