Steps to Storing Photographs

Protect family photos

Whether they are pictures of your great grandmother, first born child, or even your college dorm room, photographs are easily some of the most valuable items you own. They tell the story of not only our lives, but of the lives of the loved ones around us. There is nothing quite like flipping through a photo album of times gone by. But ask yourself, have you protected those pictures that you love so much for the years to come?

Storing your photographs at home is the easiest and best option, but may not be the most practical one. The fact is, the available space in your home is at a premium and photo albums take up a lot of real estate. Often they get stored in boxes and relegated to hot attics or damp basements, neither of which is good for your photographs. Scanning your old photos into digital files is great for creating a backup and sharing, but digital backups are subject to viruses, malware and computer failures. While digital backups are recommended, it doesn’t eliminate the need to preserve the original photos.

The best way to store your photographs, first and foremost, is to prepare them for extended storage. Start with the basic step of wearing white cotton gloves to keep the oils and dirt found on human hands off the photos. Your workspace should be out of direct sunlight and bright lights and far away from food and drink.

Take the time to organize the precious wedding, graduation, and holiday pictures in a manner that makes sense to you, whether it is chronological, by occasion, by family member or major life milestones. Consider using sturdy folders or albums that are color coded or labeled which will greatly assist you in finding those old family reunion photos to share during the upcoming holiday.

If your precious memories are stored in photo albums, are they in vinyl page albums which trap harmful fumes and accelerate photo fading and discoloration? Or are they in “magnetic” albums, which tend to leave adhesive residue on the surface of photographs? If so, give serious consideration to upgrading your albums to ones that are acid and lignin free. Archival file boxes are also available if you don’t want to devote the time to place those prized photos back into albums. Bottom line, you want protection against UV light, dust, and moisture.

Lastly, you want to consider where all these precious memories will be stored. Every album or archival file box should be stored in tightly secured plastic containers. Plastic containers are your best bet because, unlike cardboard, plastic is not susceptible to any climate changes or external threats.

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