Give Yourself the Gift of Space with a Small Storage Unit

Feeling a little cramped? Give yourself some extra storage space at home by renting a self storage unit. If you’re thinking that you don’t have that much stuff to store, you may not realize that AAA Self Storage of Lansing offers smaller storage units that are ideal to store just enough stuff to give you that extra space you need. By transferring some of your non-essential items to a small storage unit, it can be like gaining an additional closet or bedroom in your home. To sweeten the deal, you can rent these smaller storage units for less than the larger storage units, which may be much more space than you need.

If you’re thinking that these smaller units can’t possibly store enough to make a difference, you’d be wrong. People are often surprised at just how much these 5×5 and 5×10 units can accommodate. For example, you can easily store a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a few chairs, and several boxes in a 5×10 storage unit with room to spare. You can also maximize the space in these compact storage spaces by using shelving to take advantage of vertical space.

Our smaller storage units are perfect for storing all those things that you only use occasionally and that won’t be missed if they’re packed away for a few months. The following are just a few ideas for ways you can use a small self storage unit to free up valuable space at home.

  • Closets are notorious for being jam-packed and over-crowded. Storing your out-of-season clothing in a storage unit is a great way to instantly make your closet feel bigger and make it easier to find what you want when you need it.
  • When the holidays roll around, we all pull out the Christmas trees, inflatable snowmen, and other decorations, but the rest of the year these festive decorations just take up much needed space. Why not store them in a storage unit until you’re ready to break them out next year?
  • If you’re a college student, you know the hassle of packing up all your belongings and dragging them home every summer, only to drag them back in the fall. A storage unit is the perfect place to keep everything safe and out of the way over the summer. If you live in a dorm or a tiny apartment with limited storage, a storage unit can be a great solution year-round for those things you don’t need on a daily basis.
  • If you have younger kids, you’re well aware of how quickly toys can seem to multiply and take over every room of your home. A storage unit is a great solution for storing the toys that aren’t currently being played with or that are being saved until younger kids are ready for them. This is also a great solution for storing baby furniture that’s waiting for the next child or outdoor toys like bikes.
  • A small storage unit can make a great library for your extensive collection of books that are overtaking your home. It can also be used as an archive for old papers and documents that you don’t want to dispose of.
  • If hobby supplies are taking over your home, a small storage unit is a great place to keep everything organized and easy to access.
  • Sports equipment can also require a lot of storage space in your home or garage. You can keep it safely stored out of the way during the off-season in a small storage unit.
  • If you’ve collected or inherited more household items than you need or have linens and china that you only use a few times a year on special occasions, a self storage unit can keep them safely stored and out of the way until you need them.
  • Buying in bulk is a great way to save money, but storing huge quantities can be a challenge. A small storage until can provide the perfect place to store your surplus non-food related items like toilet paper, paper towels, and other bulk items that you can’t accommodate at home.

AAA Self Storage of Lansing offers flexible month-to-month leasing, allowing you to rent your storage unit for whatever length of time you need it. If you outgrow your small unit down the road, you can easily upgrade to a larger storage unit.

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Proper Preparation for Self Storage will Help Keep Your Belongings Safe

A self storage unit is the ideal solution when you’re short on storage space at home. Your belongings will be safe, yet easily accessible, while you have more space at home for other uses. But, without proper planning and preparation, the contents of your storage unit may become difficult to find or vulnerable to damage. Taking the time to prepare your belongings for storage will help ensure their safety.

Before you begin packing, make sure you’re armed with the tools you’ll need to pack like a pro. Following is a list of items you should have on hand; most of which can be found at AAA Mini Warehouse.

  • Boxes – Make sure you have plenty of sturdy, professional-grade boxes. While it may be easy to go grab spare boxes from your local grocery store, these boxes aren’t as sturdy as boxes made specifically for packing. Plastic containers are another good option for protecting contents from dust and moisture. Try to use boxes that are similarly sized to make them easier to stack inside your storage unit.
  • Tape – Have several rolls of packing tape on hand for sealing up boxes.
  • Scissors or box knife – These come in handy for cutting tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and other packing materials.
  • Labels – Labels are crucial. Labeling each and every box with the contents will make it easier to find what you need later.
  • Notebook and pen – Use these to keep a list of what you have packed.
  • Sharpies – These work well for labeling boxes and plastic containers.
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap – Wrap items in acid-free paper or bubble wrap before placing them into boxes to protect them from breakage or damage. This is especially important for fragile items.
  • Paper padding – Use paper padding to wrap any items that are not going to be packed into boxes. This will give them a layer of protection and won’t trap moisture.
  • Cedar chips – These will protect clothing and other fabric items from moths and other pests.
  • Moisture absorbing packets – These packets will pull moisture from the air to help prevent mildew.
  • Furniture polish – Applying furniture polish or wax to wood furniture will add an extra layer of protection against moisture and humidity.
  • Mattress bags and sofa covers – Use these to protect mattresses and fabric furniture from dust and moisture.
  • Tarp or plastic sheeting – These can be used to cover the floor of your storage unit to help protect your belongings from moisture and humidity. They can also be used as a cover over items to keep off dust.

How you pack your items will affect how easy they are to find when you need them, how protected they are from damage, and how easy they will be to unpack later. First, reduce the amount of items you need to store by weeding out items you no longer want or need. This will save you time packing as well as reduce the amount of storage space you need. Devise an organizational plan before you begin packing. Organize boxes by room or by like items. Putting a label with a detailed list of contents on each box will help you find what you need quickly and easily later.

As you begin packing your belongings for storage, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Everything should be clean and dry before being placed into boxes. This will help prevent mold and mildew that could result from any remaining moisture. It will also help prevent stains from forming on clothing and other fabric items.
  • Affix a label on each box with a detailed list of the contents. Make sure to designate boxes that contain fragile items.
  • Fill boxes as full as you can to reduce the number of boxes required and save space in your storage unit.
  • Distribute weight evenly within boxes so that they can be stacked securely.
  • When organizing boxes within your storage unit, place the heaviest boxes on the bottom and stack the lighter boxes on top. Consider using portable shelving units to provide easier access to boxes on the bottom.
  • Place any boxes you think you may need to access often at the front of the storage unit for easier access.
  • Organize boxes within your storage unit so that there is an aisle to provide easy access to boxes in the back of the unit.

In addition to the steps above, some items require special storage preparation to prevent damage during storage:

Clothing – Launder clothing and make sure they are completely dry before packing them. Washing them will help prevent stains from developing. Be sure to fasten all buttons, zippers, and snaps. Folded clothing can be stored in cardboard boxes or plastic containers, while hanging clothing should be hung on sturdy hangers and stored in a special garment box or covered with a garment bag.

Electronics – Pack electronics into their original packaging if possible. If that’s not possible, pack it in a professional-grade box and cushion it with crushed acid-free paper. Be sure to label any boxes containing electronics as fragile.

Tools – Any tools that contain oil or gasoline must be drained before they can be placed into storage.

Appliances – Clean appliances thoroughly and drain all of the hoses completely. Leave the appliance door slightly ajar to allow air to circulate and prevent mold and mildew. You may also want to put a box of baking soda inside to absorb odors.

Dishes and other breakable items – Line the bottom of boxes with crumpled newspaper for cushioning. Wrap each item individually and use more padding than you think is necessary. Be sure to place larger items on the bottom.

Books – Avoid packing too many books into a single box to prevent the box from become too heavy to lift. Books should be laid flat and alternated so that the spines face the opposite direction on every other book to help prevent damage to the spines.

Fabric furniture – As with clothing, clean it and allow it to dry completely before covering it or placing it into storage. If possible, remove the legs, then wrap them and place them into a clearly labeled box. Cover the furniture with padded paper or a sofa bag to keep off dust.

Wood furniture – Clean it and wipe it with a high-quality furniture polish or wax to help prevent it from drying out and protect it from moisture damage. If possible, disassemble it to make it easier to store. Place all screws, bolts, and other small parts in a clearly labeled plastic bag and tape it to an unfinished surface of the item. Wrap the item in padded paper and label it.

Taking these simple steps while you’re packing your items for storage will keep them protected while in storage and ensure they are easy to find when you need them.

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Get Your Car Back in Your Garage with Good Organization and a Storage Unit

If your garage contains everything but your car, you’re not alone. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that 25 percent of homeowners with two-car garages are unable to park any cars in them because the space has been taken up for other uses, such as workshops, office space, home gyms, storage, or a combination of these uses. To add to the problem, the average garage size has gotten smaller over the years, leaving even less space to work with. But there is hope. With good organization and a self storage unit, your garage will be neat, clean, and have plenty of room for your vehicles. AAA Self Storage of Lansing has a variety of sizes of self storage units to fit any need. With their month to month leases, you can rent the storage unit for as long as you need. (more…)

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Achieve Your Resolution to Get Organized with a Self Storage Unit

Every year, Americans start their year by making resolutions. For 2015, “getting organized” was the second most common resolution made. But only 8 percent of people are successful in achieving their resolutions in any given year. By July, less than half of those who made a resolution are still on track. If your resolution for 2015 was to organize your home, a self storage unit may be the perfect tool to help you achieve that goal. AAA Self Storage of Lansing has a variety of sizes and types of storage units that are ideal for storing all of the stuff you don’t have space for in your home but that you need to keep. (more…)

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Plan Your Holiday Decoration Storage Before the Holidays

The holidays are almost here. It’s time to dig out the holiday decorations and transform your home into a festive winter wonderland. As you decorate for the holidays, now is the perfect time to start organizing and sorting through your decorations and plan for their storage after the holidays. Not only will this help you reduce the amount of decorations you need to store, but it will also make it easier to access your decorations next year. (more…)

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Prepare Your Landscaping Equipment for Winter Storage

As fall draws to an end, it’s time to store all of your landscaping equipment for the winter. Quality landscaping and gardening tools and equipment are costly. It’s important to take the time to properly clean and store them at the end of the season so that they are ready to use in the spring. Proper care and storage will also help prolong the life of your equipment. (more…)

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Declutter the Toys before the Holidays, And the New Toys, Arrive

The holidays are right around the corner, and along with the holidays comes space and organizational issues. Where will the out of town relatives sleep? Where will all the holiday decorations go? Where can we put the Christmas tree? And, perhaps, the most frustrating one of all – where will the kids’ new toys go when their rooms and play areas are already overflowing with toys? (more…)

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Careful Planning and Organization Will Make Your Self Storage Experience More Enjoyable

Self storage units are a great solution for all types of storage needs. A self storage unit is the perfect place to store all those things you don’t use very often that are cluttering your home, including furniture, clothing, documents, books, toys and more. A storage unit can even be the ideal place to store product inventory for a home-based business. But if you just put everything in your storage unit without a plan, it can quickly become a cluttered mess and make it nearly impossible to find what you need when you need it. (more…)

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