Give Yourself the Gift of Storage Space this Holiday Season

As the holiday season gets underway, homes everywhere are being transformed into winter wonderlands. You may notice as you put up your Christmas tree and set out the nativity scene, nutcrackers, figurines, ceramic villages, and other seasonal decorations, your home suddenly seems to have shrunk. And as if navigating through space that seems better suited for an elf wasn’t enough, you may still need to find a way to make space to host your annual holiday celebration or overnight guests. But there is an easy solution: a self storage unit from AAA Self Storage of Lansing.

While your seasonal decorations may help get you into the holiday spirit, they also tend to displace your regular decorations and furniture. If you’re planning to have overnight guests, stashing all those things into your spare room won’t be an option. You may even have other clutter that needs to be removed from that space. A self storage unit is a great place to safely store all those items that need to be relocated until after the holidays are over. A climate-controlled unit will ensure that even those items sensitive to extreme temperatures are protected. And with 24-7 access to your unit, you can easily retrieve any item you may need unexpectedly or add additional items if you find you still need more space at home.

In addition to helping you create space for holiday decorations, a self storage unit is also an excellent place to stash gifts. This is especially true if you have kids or a significant other who like to snoop. A storage unit is also ideal for hiding those large gifts that may be impossible to stash out of sight at home, like bicycles or doll houses. With access to your unit at any time, you can drop your gifts off on your way home from the mall or pick them up on your way to the family gift exchange, even on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.

A self storage unit may continue to come in handy after the holidays as well. All those holiday decorations can continue to take up valuable space in your home even after they’ve been packed up for the season. Why not store them in your self storage unit and save that space at home for better uses? And if Santa was especially generous, your kids may now have more toys than they have space. A storage unit is a great place to store some of their older toys until they’re ready to play with them again.

Whether you want a storage unit just for the holiday season or year-round, AAA Self Storage of Lansing can help. We offer month-to-month leasing so you never have to rent a unit for longer than you need it. And with multiple sizes of storage units to pick from, you can get as much storage space as you need. We offer a safe facility by having a 32 camera DVR system and require all renters to use personalized gate access codes to both enter and exit the property.

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Plan Your Holiday Decoration Storage Before the Holidays

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