Give Yourself the Gift of Space with a Small Storage Unit

Feeling a little cramped? Give yourself some extra storage space at home by renting a self storage unit. If you’re thinking that you don’t have that much stuff to store, you may not realize that AAA Self Storage of Lansing offers smaller storage units that are ideal to store just enough stuff to give you that extra space you need. By transferring some of your non-essential items to a small storage unit, it can be like gaining an additional closet or bedroom in your home. To sweeten the deal, you can rent these smaller storage units for less than the larger storage units, which may be much more space than you need.

If you’re thinking that these smaller units can’t possibly store enough to make a difference, you’d be wrong. People are often surprised at just how much these 5×5 and 5×10 units can accommodate. For example, you can easily store a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a few chairs, and several boxes in a 5×10 storage unit with room to spare. You can also maximize the space in these compact storage spaces by using shelving to take advantage of vertical space.

Our smaller storage units are perfect for storing all those things that you only use occasionally and that won’t be missed if they’re packed away for a few months. The following are just a few ideas for ways you can use a small self storage unit to free up valuable space at home.

  • Closets are notorious for being jam-packed and over-crowded. Storing your out-of-season clothing in a storage unit is a great way to instantly make your closet feel bigger and make it easier to find what you want when you need it.
  • When the holidays roll around, we all pull out the Christmas trees, inflatable snowmen, and other decorations, but the rest of the year these festive decorations just take up much needed space. Why not store them in a storage unit until you’re ready to break them out next year?
  • If you’re a college student, you know the hassle of packing up all your belongings and dragging them home every summer, only to drag them back in the fall. A storage unit is the perfect place to keep everything safe and out of the way over the summer. If you live in a dorm or a tiny apartment with limited storage, a storage unit can be a great solution year-round for those things you don’t need on a daily basis.
  • If you have younger kids, you’re well aware of how quickly toys can seem to multiply and take over every room of your home. A storage unit is a great solution for storing the toys that aren’t currently being played with or that are being saved until younger kids are ready for them. This is also a great solution for storing baby furniture that’s waiting for the next child or outdoor toys like bikes.
  • A small storage unit can make a great library for your extensive collection of books that are overtaking your home. It can also be used as an archive for old papers and documents that you don’t want to dispose of.
  • If hobby supplies are taking over your home, a small storage unit is a great place to keep everything organized and easy to access.
  • Sports equipment can also require a lot of storage space in your home or garage. You can keep it safely stored out of the way during the off-season in a small storage unit.
  • If you’ve collected or inherited more household items than you need or have linens and china that you only use a few times a year on special occasions, a self storage unit can keep them safely stored and out of the way until you need them.
  • Buying in bulk is a great way to save money, but storing huge quantities can be a challenge. A small storage until can provide the perfect place to store your surplus non-food related items like toilet paper, paper towels, and other bulk items that you can’t accommodate at home.

AAA Self Storage of Lansing offers flexible month-to-month leasing, allowing you to rent your storage unit for whatever length of time you need it. If you outgrow your small unit down the road, you can easily upgrade to a larger storage unit.