Spring is the Perfect Time to Clean and Organize Your Home and Storage Unit

Spring is traditionally a time for renewal, which makes it the perfect time to clean and dispose of all the old stuff you no longer need. It’s also a great opportunity to pack away all your winter gear and holiday items and dig out your warm weather clothing and lawn and garden tools.

Many people make the mistake of spending time cleaning and organizing their home only to have it cluttered again in a week because they didn’t establish a plan for keeping it organized. Start your spring cleaning efforts by creating an organizational plan you can implement as you clean and that you can use going forward to keep everything neat and organized.

Work your way through your house one area at a time. As you clean each area sort the items into piles of items to keep, items to donate, items to be stored, and items to toss. Most organizational experts advise you to purge anything you haven’t used in a year or two. As you put away the items you’ve decided to keep, adhere to the organizational plan you established.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your time giving your home a thorough cleaning only to end up without any more free space than you had before. Take those items you no longer want or need and sell them or donate them. For those items that you want to keep, consider storing the things you don’t need to access frequently in a self storage unit. AAA Self Storage of Lansing offers a variety of self storage units sizes to fit any need, including climate controlled units.

If you already have a self storage unit, take some time to spring clean it as well before adding new items. Just as you did with your home, sort through everything and determine if there are items you no longer need or want. As you eliminate items, consolidate what’s left into fewer boxes. Replace damaged boxes with new boxes or durable plastic tubs. Tape a list of the contents on each box. Consider adding portable shelving to your unit if you don’t already have it. Shelves will allow you to maximize your space while still providing easy access to everything.

Place the items you use frequently at the front of your unit and place the items you use less frequently in the back. Leave yourself a path through the unit so you can access everything quickly and easily. You may find that you no longer need as much space or that you need more space. AAA Self Storage of Lansing’s month-to-month leases allow you to move to whatever size unit best fits your needs.