Prepare Your Winter Items for Self Storage

Now that spring is here, it’s time to break out the summer lawn gear and store away all the winter items. If you’re short on space, a storage unit can be the ideal storage solution for your winter equipment and gear that you won’t be using for many months. But before you put your winter items into storage for the summer, take the time to properly prepare them for storage to ensure they’re in prime condition when you bring them back out in the late fall.

Snow blower and other motorized equipment

First, drain the fuel from the snow blower and run it until the tank is empty. Next, change the oil. Remove the spark plugs and add a small amount of oil. Crank the engine three or four times to let the oil circulate and reinsert the spark plug. Be sure to lubricate all the moving parts and tighten the nuts, bolts, and screws. Clean the blower, check the tire pressure and store it on a piece of wood so it is not in direct contact with the floor.

Snow Shovels and Other Cold-Weather Equipment

Clean your equipment and pack them into a large storage box or bin.

Recreational Equipment

For recreational equipment like skis, snowboards, sleds, and ice skates, clean them thoroughly and repair any broken parts, dings, dents, and bindings before storing them. Skis and snowboards should be stored in a ski rack or in a padded bag.

Winter Clothing

Storing your winter clothing during the warmer seasons is a great way to make extra space in your closet. Before storing your winter clothing, wash or dry clean them and make sure they’re completely dry before storing them. Cleaning them will help keep pests away and prevent stains. However, avoid using starch, which might attract pests. Airtight plastic containers are perfect for storing folded or rolled clothing. Add a few cedar chips before securing the lid to keep clothes fresh and keep pests away. Label the boxes so you know what’s in each box. Hanging clothing and coats should be on sturdy hangers and covered with a garment bag.


Clean and air dry shoes and stuff them with newspapers to help them keep their shape before storing. Condition any leather items before storing them. Place each pair of shoes in an individual shoe bag to keep them protected.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations can take up a lot of space, making them ideal candidates for self storage. Group the decorations into storage bins by holiday and label the boxes clearly. Wrap ornaments and other breakables carefully or use specialty storage containers designed for those items.

Once you’ve gotten all of your winter items packed away, be sure to grab your favorite lawn chair so you can relax in the beautiful spring weather.