Steps You Can Take to Help Keep AAA Self Storage in Lansing Safe and Secure

At AAA Self Storage in Lansing, we make the safety of our tenants and employees a top priority. A computerized security gate that requires passwords, security cameras, abundant lighting, and a manager who lives on the premises are just some of the ways we work to increase safety and keep theft and crime low. But even with these measurements in place, the possibility of crime still exists. However, much like a neighborhood watch, incorporating tenants into the efforts makes our self storage community safer for all of us.

There are a number of steps that you, as a tenant, can take to help ensure your personal safety and the safety of your stored items, as well as improve safety for the other tenants of AAA Self Storage in Lansing. Things you can do include:

  • Help keep unauthorized individuals out. Although AAA Self Storage in Lansing employs a computerized security gate with a code, some criminals gain access by sneaking in behind authorized tenants. To help prevent someone from following you in or out of the security gate, stop immediately on the other side of the gate and allow it to close completely before proceeding. Don’t allow enough space behind you for another car to enter.
  • Guard your gate code. You wouldn’t share your ATM pin with someone else, so why share your gate code? Don’t provide your code to anyone. If you have already shared your code with someone who you no longer trust or who no longer works for you, please let AAA Mini Warehouse know and we will happily provide you with a new code.
  • Keep your gate code and key separate. If someone finds your key, they still will need your gate code to access your self storage unit. Keeping the key and your code separate makes this less likely to happen.
  • Report anything suspicious. Just like you would in your neighborhood, be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for anything unusual. Let AAA Mini Warehouse know immediately if you see anyone who doesn’t look like they belong or you see any usual behavior or suspicious activity.
  • Report maintenance issues. At AAA Mini Warehouse, we do our best to make sure that lighting and other safety precautions are in place and working appropriately. If you find a light that is burnt out, missing locks, or other potential hazards, please report them to us right away.
  • There is safety in numbers. Plan to visit your self storage unit during the daylight hours. AAA Mini Warehouse recommends that you avoid visiting your storage unit during off-peak hours when there are fewer people in the area.
  • Select a secure lock. Not all locks are the same. Locks with long shackles are easier to cut with bolt cutters. Instead, we recommend a disc lock or a cylinder lock, which are much more difficult to cut. AAA Self Storage of Lansing sells high-quality locks in a variety of sizes.
  • Double-check your lock. It’s easy to get distracted and forget to actually lock your self storage unit. Before you leave, make sure your lock is on the door and locked. Give it a good tug to make sure that it is in fact latched and secured.
  • Keep valuables difficult to access. How you organize your self storage unit can help prevent the theft of your most valuable items if the unthinkable happens. During a break-in, thieves typically grab items they can get to quickly and easily, which are usually those at the front. Store your valuables in inconspicuous boxes and store them at the back of your self storage unit where they are out of sight. Stacking other boxes on top of them can add another level of security. Don’t publicize the fact that you have valuables stored in your self storage unit.

Staying alert and using common sense are easy, effective ways to help keep AAA Self Storage in Lansing safe and secure.