Millennials Find Solution to Storage Woes with Self Storage Units

Storage space never seems to be in abundance, but for those in the Millennial Generation, the struggle to find adequate space for their stuff is even harder, in part thanks to the fact that they’re part of the generation that was hardest hit by the recent recession. If you’re part of the Millennial Generation, you and your fellow Millennials account for one-third of the U.S. population. With more than 75 million members, your generation is the largest generation in the United States. As you may be aware, your generation is made up of a very diverse group of people at various life stages, from college students to established professionals starting families. On the bright side, you are part of the most educated generation. On the downside, thanks to staggering student debt, high unemployment rates, and credit issues, your generation is worse off than any other current generation at the same age.

Due to these economic hardships, Millennials have been hesitant to become home owners or independent renters. Instead, many of your fellow Millennials are opting to move in with friends or even back home with their parents. Others are choosing to live in small spaces that are more affordable or closer to work. Even the few who are purchasing homes are favoring small houses that better fit their budgets. Unfortunately, these smaller spaces also offer less storage space. But regardless of where you call home or which life stage you find yourself in, self storage unit offer an excellent solution to your storage shortage.

If you’re among the youngest of the Millennials who are still in college, you know first-hand how inadequate storage space is in dorms and apartments. If you share your living space with a roommate, you have even less. If you opt to head home over the summer, you have the additional issue of deciding what to do with all of your stuff while you’re gone. A self storage unit is a great option. With month-to-month leasing, it provides the perfect place to store things you can’t squeeze into your dorm room, such as out-of-season clothes and text books from last semester, or all of your belongings while you’re away for a few months.

If you’re among the recent graduates who are just beginning your career, you may be sharing your living space to cut expenses and make ends meet. It can be tricky to fit everything in when you’re sharing space, especially bulky things like furniture. Rather than get rid of it, consider storing your stuff in a self storage unit. This will keep your living space uncluttered and keep your furniture safe until you’re ready to move into a place of your own, or until your roommate moves out and takes his sofa with him. If you’ve opted to live with Mom and Dad, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that all of the storage space has already been claimed, possibly by your old childhood possessions. A self storage unit, again, is a great place to keep anything you can’t squeeze into your old room, offering easy access if needed.

If you’re among the oldest of the Millennials, you’re probably relieved to be settling into your career. Even if you’ve taken the leap and purchased a home of your own, you’ve probably started with a smaller space that is budget-friendly. If you’re one of the 40 percent of Millennials who have started a family, you’ve realized that kids are accompanied by a seemingly endless amount of toys and gear that take up a tremendous amount of space. This is in addition to your own possessions. If your parents are ready to downsize now that their own nest is empty, you may find yourself with all of your own childhood treasures to store as well, further adding to your storage woes. You can solve your storage problems with a self storage unit. It’s ideal for storing all the hand-me-down toys and clothing waiting for the next child, as well as your own out-of-season clothing, seasonal decorations, lawn tools, furniture, sports equipment, and more. It’s even the perfect spot to keep those priceless collectibles that Junior could destroy in minutes.

At AAA Self Storage of Lansing, we offer self storage solutions for every situation. Our storage units ranges in size from small units that are perfect for storing boxes of books and clothes to large storage units that can accommodate furniture from multiple rooms. If you have items that may be susceptible to extreme temperatures, we also offer self storage units with climate control. You can access your unit, any time of day or night, ensuring you can always get what you need when you need it. With AAA Self Storage of Lansing’s month-to-month leasing, you’re never locked into a lease. You can rent for as long as needed, whether that’s for a couple of months while you’re away over the summer or for several years until all of your kids have outgrown everything and you can reclaim your storage space. Our video cameras, individual unit door alarms, and password protected entry gates help ensure the safety of both you and your possessions.

As you move from one life stage to the next, you may find that your storage needs also change. With our flexible leasing options, you can easily move to a smaller or larger storage unit as needed.